Okay, so this picture showed up on my FB as an ad for a bikini body ready page, and I made the ultimate mistake of clicking on the picture and viewing some of the comments. Let me just say that FB and Youtube comments firmly solidify my misanthropy.

Critiques of this woman (whom I don’t know at all, and who wasn’t identified in the post) took three different forms.

  1. The first (and least offensive) kind was about her poses. So okay, the poses are a bit awkward, but she is just trying to showcase the body she has worked for. Plus, after she took this picture she walked away and kept living her life, so your argument is moot.
  2. The second style of  critique was that she was too manly. GENDER IS BINARY AND MUSCLES ARE ONLY FOR MEN SO SHE MUST BE A MAN EW GROSS. Heaven forbid we break out of societal norms for masculinity and femininity and have bodies and lifestyles however makes us happy. Motherfuckers, let’s move into the 21st century, shall we?
  3. The last style of critique, and the most prevalent, was all about how she looked sickly and too thin and MEN WANT CURVES AND SOME MEAT ON THE BONES. Yes, because the only reason this woman ever got into shape was so that she could please the patriarchy and be attractive for the men around her to view. I’m sorry, but even if she DID work for this body in order to be attractive to men, I’m sure it was targeted toward men who value her aesthetic. Between all the men (and women! Let’s not be heteronormative here) in the world, I guarantee you that every level of fitness and non-fitness is a personal preference for someone. So let’s not make sweeping statements. Also, I like to think she doesn’t give a flying fuck about people who would dismiss her just because of her body.

Last side note: Although there were a few people with kind remarks and praise, the majority of “positive” comments were sexualizing and degrading to her as a person. Let me argue once again: SHE DOES NOT EXIST FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE. Just because she looks great and took a picture of herself, does not mean she is consenting to your catcalls and wolf whistles.

Bottom line, it is way past my bedtime but I took the time to write this all anyway because it made me so angry that I couldn’t sleep. Can we all just aim to be at peace with our own bodies, and stop tearing down others for looking different from our own personal ideals? Okay? Okay.

This has been a rant.


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    AMEN BROTHA! Plus, she’s insanely hot. Dem glutes.
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    Im amazed at the hateful comments this lovely, fit lady is receiving!!
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    Ahem. I hate seeing this
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    So sick of people trying to tell others how to live their lives, probably because they’ve got fuck all happening in...
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